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1Arcade Fire - Supersymmetry.Mp3
2PJ Harvey - The Colour of the Earth.Mp3
3Andrew Bird - Scythian Empires.Mp3
4Radiohead - Cuttooth.Mp3
5Beirut - Napoleon On The Bellerophon.Mp3
6The Tallest Man on Earth - Walk The Line.Mp3
7One Direction - HISTORY.Mp3
8The Magnetic Fields - The Death of Ferdinand de Saussure.Mp3
9Sunset Rubdown - The Mending of the Gown.Mp3
10Daniel Johnston - Devil Town.Mp3
11Nero - Domus Aurea.Mp3
12Sabaton - Aces in Exile.Mp3
13The Olivia Tremor Control - Define a Transparent Dream.Mp3
14Earshot - Wasted.Mp3
15Tori Amos - Not the Red Baron.Mp3
16Kate Bush - Snowed in at Wheeler Street.Mp3
17Mos Def - History.Mp3
18Nas - Surviving the Times.Mp3
19Broadcast - Valerie.Mp3
20Patrick Wolf - The Shadow Sea.Mp3
21Tori Amos - Virginia.Mp3
22Mamonas Assassinas - 1406.Mp3
23Motion City Soundtrack - History Lesson.Mp3
24Feist - Monarch.Mp3
25Pinback - Rousseau.Mp3
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